Privacy policy

General provisions

1.1 Privacy Policy of IP Yakimchik Natalia Vatslovna, brand name “NATAYAKIM” applies to any information that the IP receives from a potential client when placing an order, registering on the site, participating in promotions.

1.2 The Buyer unconditionally agrees to this policy by using the official website If the user does not agree with the current privacy policy, then they must stop using the site and not provide the company with any data.

About the user’s personal information

2.1 According to the current privacy policy on the site, personal information should be understood as:

Information, including personal data, residential address, phone number, email address, as well as other data obtained when registering on the site, placing an order, participating in surveys from the company, and so on.

Information that the product supplier receives automatically when using the site (IP addresses, cookies).

Any other information that is related to the user and can be obtained by technical means.

2.2 “NATAYAKIM” is not responsible for users clicking on third-party links to external resources from the official site.

2.3 At the conclusion of the contract (the adoption of this policy) by a user, “NATAYAKIM” does not validate personal information. The user is responsible for their completeness and relevance, as well as for problems that may arise as a result of providing inaccurate and outdated information.

For what purpose is personal data processed

3.1 The site stores only the information that may be useful during the provision of services to the user.

3.2 On the website is collected and stored personal information for the following purposes:

  • to identify within the contract distance selling
  • in order to personalize a contract or agreement between the parties
  • to create a user account on the website
  • for feedback to the user to be able to resolve issues with payment, shipping, replacement or exclude items from the order
  • to send out promotional offers and personal discounts
  • for quality control or service improvement purposes
  • for targeting ad campaigns
  • for the purpose of conducting statistical analyses using depersonalized data
  • storage, deletion and modification of personal data

4.1 You can change, update and supplement the information in your personal account at any time, either in full or in part.

4.2 You can also delete an account. In this case, information that is not required to be stored will also be deleted.

4.3 This policy, or rather its clauses 4.1 and 4.2, may be restricted in accordance with current legislation. The transfer of deleted information can only be carried out within the framework of current legislation and only to the relevant authorities.

  1. Conditions

5.1 If the user does not provide personal data and other information for its use and viewing by a wide range of users, NATAYAKIM maintains its confidentiality.

5.2 There Are a number of cases when the user’s personal data may be provided to third parties:

  • by the consent expressed by the user
  • for the execution of any agreement with the user
  • when paying for an order or delivery, as well as any other financial services
  • under the terms of Russian legislation, in the framework of one of the legislative procedures
  • as part of the sale or transfer of part of the business to a new owner (information is transferred along with the new owner’s acceptance of the privacy policy).
  • if the user violates certain provisions of this policy or the current legislation of the Russian Federation to ensure the security of the interests of NATAYAKIM and third parties
  • to get depersonalized statistical data

5.3 Any processing of customer information is performed in accordance with the relevant Federal law.

  1. Protection of personal data

6.1 The Measures that the company takes to protect the client’s personal data are primarily aimed at preventing third parties from taking possession of the information for the purpose of illegal actions.

6.2 Password and username are used to access the personal account, and a mobile phone and e — mail are used to restore this information. The user is responsible for this information. It does not have the right to transfer this data to third parties.

Such third-party information is not allowed to be used. If a user accidentally learns a password and username from another account, they must not use them and must notify the company.

6.3 Users can independently block the display of image data, pop-ups and banners in order to make the site easier to use and save Internet traffic.

It is possible to switch from the official site to third-party resources within the framework of this policy, but the limits of information use are determined by the user. They are also responsible for their actions on third-party resources.

6.4 This policy does not apply to third-party resources that may be linked to on the official website.

6.5 The Company ensures the security of information by monitoring threats of theft or illegal use. The company also evaluates the effectiveness of the measures applied.

  1. Working with Cookies and counters

7.1 If there are cookies on the devices that are used to visit the official site and work with it, the company may use them for mailing, targeting and providing certain functions to the user.

7.2 According to the current policy, the user confirms the permission to accept and receive cookies.

7.3 When Using the site and services, it is important to be aware that SOFTWARE and devices may have restrictions on storing and transmitting cookies. This may apply to any or only some sites.

7.4 The Technical components, as well as the content of cookies, may be changed at the company’s discretion without the need to notify users.

7.5 The Counters on the site are intended solely for processing and collecting information for statistical purposes. The characteristics and settings of the counters may change depending on the company’s policy without notifying users.

  1. Possibility to change this policy

8.1 The company has the right to make Changes to this policy at any time.

8.2 They can be considered effective from the moment the updated policy is published on the official website.

  1. Communication with the company

9.1 Questions, suggestions and complaints can be sent to the company’s email address

9.2 The user’s Actions and rights are regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.3 The User undertakes to use the official resource of the company in accordance with the current policy.

9.4. The following information may not be used, published or used in any other way On the official website:

  • containing threats
  • defaming honor and dignity
  • offensive
  • violating privacy
  • containing obscenities and profanity
  • violating the rights of users who have not reached the age of majority
  • inciting extremism.