Perfect silhouette. Bright Colour. Uncompromised tailoring. This is the formula of the brand NATAYAKIM.

"I love the sea and spend several months a year at the coast, so a swimsuit is a basic part of my wardrobe" - says the founder of the brand, It girl Natallia Yakimchyk. It all started very simply: Natallia wanted to create a perfect swimsuit. Just for her. So, her friends were admired by a couple of sketches at first, then requests to create "the same swimsuit" finally brought her to the first collection.

We are happy to let you purchase anything of the NATAYAKIM Beachwear collections online, but also you can visit our beautiful Boutiques at:
• TSUM, 2 Petrovka street, Moscow
• 55 Croisette, Cannes, France
• Boutique Fisico 20 Rue Du General allard, Saint Tropez, France

NATAYAKIM Beachwear is a day and night collection of swimsuits for ladies who love fashion, who know themselves and their style. A swimsuit is a much more demanding part of the wardrobe than any other things. In each model Natallia tries to create a flawless fit. Moreover, she loves playing with color combinations. "I will not bring a swimsuit's sketch to a manufacture if I am not absolutely satisfied with it. I make a collection that I do want to wear by myself" - says Natalia.
The major part in the collection play the swimsuits for mothers and daughters. All daughters do want to look like as fashionable and beautiful as their mothers. Especially during a school break on the sunny beach!